About Me

I’m Daniel. Born and raised in Sweden. I have a Master of Science degree in Information Systems (Karlstad University) with a focus on the field of human-computer interaction. Want to do it all; inability to stop moving. The purpose of this portfolio is not only to highlight “all things work-related” but also put the things I enjoy doing on display.

Already at a young age I developed an interesting for creating things. Whether it would be by starting the old family computer and setting up awful HTML templates or simply adding two chords together on the guitar and calling it a song. The drive and motivation continued throughout school where I chose an IT direction, specifically choosing a path that lead me to being introduced to designing software and programming.

After completing secondary school (Swedish gymnasium) I started reading at university right away, being accepted to Information systems (bachelor) at Karlstad University. The first two years concerned programming – most of the programming courses concerned the web – and IT systems operations such as collecting requirements and how to implement. In the last year of the bachelor I was introduced to interaction design and user research, moving away from the programming aspects of systems and moving onto the landscape of user-centred design. In no time, I was hooked.  

During the bachelor’s thesis I had the opportunity to work in an EU-funded project called A4Cloud. I developed and conducted user research on a transparency enhancing technology in a web environment visualizing users’ personal disclosures to various service providers. And so, I got even more interested in user research making me want to complete a master’s degree which have now taken me to get more in-depth with human-computer implications and challenges. I have during later years at the university – outside of the actual master programme and its courses – been able to be a part of other projects and conducted research.

Looking forward I want to continue to tackle user issues in all kinds of different services; it’s all about contributing, no matter the scale.