Assessments of a Cloud-Based Data Wallet for Personal Identity Management

July 13, 2017

In 2017 two papers from Karlstad University were accepted for the International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD), one of which I was part of. The paper won “best paper award”; to be published by Springer in the series “Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation”.

Abstract: Within a project developing cloud technology for identity access management, usability tests of mockups of a mobile app identity provider were conducted to assess users’ consciousness of data disclosures in consent forms and flow of authentication data. Results show that using one’s fingerprint for giving consent was easy, but most participants had not a correct view of where the fingerprint data is used and what entities would have access to it. Familiarity with ID apps appeared to aggravate misunderstanding. In addition, participants could not well recall details of personal data releases and settings for disclosure options. An evaluation with a confirmation screen slightly improved recall rate. However, some participants voiced a desire to have control over their data and expressed a wish to manually select mandatory information. This can be a way of slowing users down and make them reflect more.


Karegar, F., Lindegren, D., Pettersson, J.S., Fischer-Huebner, S. (2017) Assessments of a Cloud-Based Data Wallet for Personal Identity Management. ISD 2017, Larnaca 6-8 September.